Sunday, December 31

London Psychogeographical Association

Ralph Rumney was the sole member of the London Psychogeographical Association.
It has since grown autonomously.

Situationist International

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts and the Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League have direct relationships to certain members from the Situationist International.
Lord Kevin, the Uncanny is one of them, as is Ralph Rumney.

How about the M.I.L.E. Foundation and its secret ties with cappies?


Offering a wide range of cryonic preservation options, the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation specializes in the artistic celebration of the cryonic experience.

Our specialty cryonic suspension devices are not only functional, for those predisposed to permanent life extension, but offer extremely aesthetic and daring designs by some of the top names in the business.

M.I.L.E.F. features some of the foremost scientists and artists working in the fields of cryonics today; including internationally recognized artists and designers, Macarthur recipients, Pulitzer Prize winning literary figures, Fulbright scholars, and even a Nobel laureate.

We take life extension very seriously. The motto here at M.I.L.E.F. is that “the cryopatient is penultimate.” We hold the earnest belief that our futures our literally that, “they are ours.” We believe that in our sad, sick world overrun with disease, pestilence, poverty, overpopulation and war that a better future awaits us just over the bleak horizon.

Today science has a more nuanced and human understanding of mortality. Cryonics, vitrification, cloning, terra forming, extropy, space travel, nanotechnology, advances in medicine and health care now, more than ever, play a pivotal role in our dreams of the future.

This is no magic carpet ride, and it is not the stuff of science fiction novellas, it is the best cryonic science and artistic design has to offer. We invite you to experience our celebration of life extension by becoming a member of our growing cryonic community. And as our founder, and noble ex-patriot, the honorable Lord Kevin, the Uncanny of Belthtimeshire used to say, “Come on in the liquid nitrogen is fine.”

Bert Colbert
Chief Administrative Officer for Research and Relational Forms
Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation

Saturday, December 30

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts

The AAA is the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, they are as of right now not a highly visible organization anymore. But their spirit, and a few of their practitioners have helped in establishing the DIY Cryopunk League along many of the same structures, "poetry does not life extension make."

Here is the AAA's introduction to their own work:

"The days of this society are numbered. Its reasons and its merits have been weighed in the balance and found wanting; its inhabitants are divided into two parties, one of which wants to build its own spaceships and leave this world behind.

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) was launched on April 23rd 1995 as the world's first independent and community-based space exploration programme. A Five Year Plan was also established for creating, by the year 2000, a worldwide network of community-based AAA groups dedicated to building their own spaceships."

Monday, December 25

Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League Memo

To Willard, for the Cryonic Think Tank

August 28, 2000
Internal Memo:
Epoh Gnirb's cryonic suspension device was stolen last night.
some are saying it was an act of terrorism, extortion or even cryonic corpsnapping.
She died in Norway, right?
I contacted Mr. Shafer and confirmed suspicions with Mark Muro, who was working the desk at the Decker Morris Gallery the night it happened.

Please look out,

Cryopunks United.

Friday, December 22

Manifesto of the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation

Being an Internal Memo for the Secret Society of the Dead, White, and Male Art History Corporation:

There comes a time in human history when it is no longer prudent or necessary to stand on safe and numerable ground. +God in his infinite wisdom has placed before his chosen few a land, a great land full of deer and apples, gold and slaves, ivory and beer. +God again in his infinite wisdom gave his chosen few the world to rule, in his steed, for his place, in his shoes; as masters of the universe, to bring freedom, democracy, happiness and above all love for thy fellow man to all ends of the earth.
Today, my brothers I tell you, is a new dawn for man. +God in his infinite wisdom has put forth, before us his chosen few, a new arena. That of infinity! +God, like so many, has laid down his body for us to unfold apeiron upon. Infinity has become our new destiny! And what a manifested new destiny it is! How glorious the +God so loved us that he placed before us the infinite, the intangible, the unimaginable, the ignoble and uncanny! And at what a lovely and novel time! This is the new era of the chosen few! A brotherhood of men! An era of strong men, with strong visions capable of taking hold of the future, the past, the present and pushing forward into the vastness of the infinite!
I tell you my brothers of the chosen few, throw off the mental and tangible shackles of count-ability, of numerousness! I am here to tell you now you will not be countable for anything! This is a new dawn, a dawn of infinite possibilities where it matters not if you do one thing versus another, a dawn where the infinite is possible! I tell you now we must grab full hold of infinity and plant firmly on its bosom the flag of the Dead, White and Male, for which it stands! Under +God, the most incalculable! Our great and wise creator, and bestower of the infinite upon our unworthy, yet eager faces! I tell you now we must praise this incommensurability! Praise him! How vast, how unending, how forever and ever and ever and ever! Glory to +God who art everywhere and everything at all times in all ways in all nooks, crannies and corners! Our lord! Our everything! Be though humble servants and go out into infinity. Take your places in +God’s gift to us! His divine and glorious gift!
Heed not to temptation along the path to apeiron. Take only what +God has laid forth for you, in his all! We are lucky to be here in this incantation, to receive +God’s glorious new message to his chosen race! +God surely works in inconceivable ways! As +God has seen fit to put the Americas here before his chosen few, he has also given us his most glorious gift conceivable. That of the inconceivable! That of infinity! Manifest infinity! We are a special enclave, the chosen few, all that he promised and all that he hath then damned; a chosen few too well endowed with the gifts of beauty and knowledge to fiddle around in this mortal coil any longer! Heaven is here! Before us, paradise! Eternal life is ours! Infinity in a MACHINE!
We need be but brave and take the first step out of the wretched womb of mortality and numerousness. Take our baby steps from this world into the infinite! Leave the ways of this world in all its numerations and calculations to the unworthy and vile swine that did nothing with it before. We need men of action; we need men of valor; we need brave terrible tiger men to lead the way for other brave terrible tiger men! We need beautiful warriors to reach past our finite world and grab the bucking balls of the infinite! There is no time to waste, since time is for the vile, the swine, the tiger pellets of people, left in there calculator cubicles. Come with me brave men! Come with me honored brothers of the infinite! There is no time for delay. Delay is the addiction of the herding numbers in the foggy matrix! The infinite waits for us, on the other side of tomorrow, on the other day of forever and ever and ever and ever and ever! What adventures we will have! What a splendid paradise lays before us! What will bring you back? All thanks to +God for giving us the infinite!
“Hallelujah!” as the ancients would say. “Apeiron!” as we will forever, and ever and evermore say. Glory to +God in the infinite! How wondrous strange and how mysterious powerful! All hail the blood in our immeasurable souls!
Peace unto you, the chosen few, my good, wise, and honored brothers! Peace! Peace! Peace! That is what we will bring into the infinite! Peace! Freedom! Democracy! Praise democracy! Praise it forever and ever and ever and ever! Forevermore! We shall take that to the wretched of the non-infinite! Waste nothing else! The infinite is to be had! Manifest infinity!

Infinitely yours,

Alcofribas Nasir,
Wondrous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on bequest of the Secret Society of the Dead, White and Male Art History Corporation, in the indefatigable name of the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, “Liquid nitrogen is chicken soup for the Faustian soul. All hail!”

Meme-Rider Media Team

An international media team formed in Anchorage, Alaska in 1999 by artists and writers Sarah Lindisfarne, Zephyr Quiettus, Joelle Howald, Isaac Boatright, Nathan Shafer, Tommy Folan and F. Austin Love. Based on the concept of memes as ridable and/or hijackable phenomenae.

The Meme-Riders have designed cryonic machines which can also make ice cream, illustrated meat charts of fantasy animals for butchers, sold human souls as works of art in a gallery, and installed anarchist love letter/book marks in library books.

There is a Meme-Rider "autonomous co-ed secular scout troop for all ages" with over 200 merit badges such as Zombie Survival, Cracker Crafts, Black Hole Poetics, Alien Abduction Awareness and Dumpster Diving.

Major works include:

* Insatiable Entropy: Throw Off the Yoke of Automation
* Diclocation Eulogium and 1st Cryogenic Supplement
* The Snowflake Program
* Fauster & Fauster
* Oucryopo: A Workshop for Potential Cryonics
* The Walt Disney Frieze: A Phantasmagoria for Mellifico and Hermicola
* Cracker Fortress
* Enter Starbreath
* WZMB (Radio Zombie)
* the (x) mass projects
* Cucurbit Mosaic
* The Gastronomics of Cryptozoophagy
* Sit-Com Memetics
* The Protoplasm Dossier (To Hairy Kites, Whenever)
* Adventures and Exploits in Meme-Scouting
* Code Doom: The Co-Ed Order of Mavens
* Fort in Three Parts
* 2487: What Memories Real?

Chronological Biography by Order of Digression, or the Evolutionary Model of the Meme-Rider Media Team by Stricture of Punctuated Equilibrium Model:

* 1992 Societas Heterodox, Fayetteville, North Carolina
* 1993 Dogma I Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colorado
* 1999 Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska
* 2000 Meme-Rider Media Team, Anchorage, Alaska
* 2000 Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League, Anchorage, Alaska & Eugene, Oregon
* 2001 Relocation of Meme-Rider Media Team to be simultaneously in Eugene, Oregon and Tampa, Florida semi-permanently.

All former collectives brought under auspices of M.R.M.T. All collective work done by issue of secret society and research groups, such as the Co-Ed Order of Meme-Scouts and the Lindisfarne and Gabstein Research Expedition for research at the North Pole.

Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League

The Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League is an autonomous group of cryonic designers whose mission is to provide cryonic technology and information to anyone who is interested in performing cryonics themselves. They are also a direct action coalition that initiates programs that foster the spread of cryonic and transhumanist memes using their sui generis ideology, 'cryopunk'. Above is a sticker they put on cryonic suspension devices in corporate institutions. Their idea is that the way governments and corporations use cryonics is equivalent to the mediocrity prevalent in the museum systems.

The Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation

The stock in trade for the MILE Foundation is the cryonic suspension of cryopatients.

Logo for the MILE Foundation


Stickers used in the cryonic facilities at the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation.
The Nzombe virus warning suggests that sometimes cryopatients awaken before they are meant to do to viral infection before vitrification, or accidental thaw-out, wherein the cryopatient's body does not return to room temperature at the appropriate rate, thus the cryopatient becomes infected with the nzombe and/or solanum viruses.

Thursday, December 21

Welcome to the Cryonic Think Tank

My name is Willard MacEnzy, I am an Up-Winger Scout in Tampa, Florida. This blogspot is my service project to help me earn my Maven Award for Memetic Excellence with my scout troop. I am doing this blog to try and heal the wounds caused by the break up of the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation into the the M.I.L.E. Foundation and the Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League. Now, I am a cryopunk scout, but I feel that we need to get to the bottom and hopefully heal all of our differences and talk to each other about cryonics, and how we will all use them democratically in the future. I am going to try and not take sides. To do this I have asked several members of the Meme-Rider Media Team, of which both the M.I.L.E. Foundation and the D.I.Y. Cryopunk League are sub-groups of, to help me by adding comments and questions to all the blogs. If I get my Maven Award, I can intern at the Biosphere Project in North Pole, Alaska (it is a suburb of Fairbanks) in the embassy row biosphere eight. This is something I really want to do. So, hopefully, this think tank will be helpful in historically framing this particular brand of cryonics and we can all learn from it.

Thank you for bloggig with me.