Friday, December 22

Meme-Rider Media Team

An international media team formed in Anchorage, Alaska in 1999 by artists and writers Sarah Lindisfarne, Zephyr Quiettus, Joelle Howald, Isaac Boatright, Nathan Shafer, Tommy Folan and F. Austin Love. Based on the concept of memes as ridable and/or hijackable phenomenae.

The Meme-Riders have designed cryonic machines which can also make ice cream, illustrated meat charts of fantasy animals for butchers, sold human souls as works of art in a gallery, and installed anarchist love letter/book marks in library books.

There is a Meme-Rider "autonomous co-ed secular scout troop for all ages" with over 200 merit badges such as Zombie Survival, Cracker Crafts, Black Hole Poetics, Alien Abduction Awareness and Dumpster Diving.

Major works include:

* Insatiable Entropy: Throw Off the Yoke of Automation
* Diclocation Eulogium and 1st Cryogenic Supplement
* The Snowflake Program
* Fauster & Fauster
* Oucryopo: A Workshop for Potential Cryonics
* The Walt Disney Frieze: A Phantasmagoria for Mellifico and Hermicola
* Cracker Fortress
* Enter Starbreath
* WZMB (Radio Zombie)
* the (x) mass projects
* Cucurbit Mosaic
* The Gastronomics of Cryptozoophagy
* Sit-Com Memetics
* The Protoplasm Dossier (To Hairy Kites, Whenever)
* Adventures and Exploits in Meme-Scouting
* Code Doom: The Co-Ed Order of Mavens
* Fort in Three Parts
* 2487: What Memories Real?

Chronological Biography by Order of Digression, or the Evolutionary Model of the Meme-Rider Media Team by Stricture of Punctuated Equilibrium Model:

* 1992 Societas Heterodox, Fayetteville, North Carolina
* 1993 Dogma I Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colorado
* 1999 Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska
* 2000 Meme-Rider Media Team, Anchorage, Alaska
* 2000 Delta India Yankee Cryopunk League, Anchorage, Alaska & Eugene, Oregon
* 2001 Relocation of Meme-Rider Media Team to be simultaneously in Eugene, Oregon and Tampa, Florida semi-permanently.

All former collectives brought under auspices of M.R.M.T. All collective work done by issue of secret society and research groups, such as the Co-Ed Order of Meme-Scouts and the Lindisfarne and Gabstein Research Expedition for research at the North Pole.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Willard the Cryopunk said...

Two of the Meme-Riders are now in MFA programs at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.


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