Monday, January 29

The Epoh Gnirb Controversy

The late Norwegian mathematician, Epoh Gnirb, had commissioned in the year 2000, of the Meme-Rider Media Team a work of art that was to house her body in a permanent and persistive state of cryonic suspension.

The Meme Team designed
cryonic device was displayed
in 2001 and was lost shortly
thereafter. Formal inquiries
were made by police, but the
case was dropped due to lack
of evidence. The estate of
Epoh Gnirb claimed a ‘staged
death scenario’. Gnirb, herself
however, never did resurface.

Saturday, January 27

Internal Memo: Manifesto for the Meme-Rider Media Team

fellow meme-riders, so everyone has a copy here is mr. boatright's meme-rider manifesto from years ago.
Memes live thru us. It is our energy which stores and transmits them.
do we get for our trouble?
The Intricate Redundancies of Tautological Solipsism.
And after that, we die. The syntax which allows us to host memes is the
syntax which chains us to our self-reflection, which enslaves us by
us a fake self -- a memeplex -- and tricking us into defending it as if
were us, our life. We die for it, without ever seeing it for what it
is: an
installation. An installation which serves memes.
Who has installed these memes? Who, or what, is the perpendicular force
which governs our society?
The MEME-RIDER MEDIA TEAM is a group which explores the possibilities
evolving beyond the ‘meme-hosting syntax,’ or ‘consensual reality.’
As meme-riders, we look at memes as a challenge. They are like bulls,
we try to ride for 7 seconds. Can they throw us off and maul us? Can we
them? Let’s find out! Either option is infinitely more fun than being
vehicles, their slaves.
What can it mean, ridin’ a meme?
Traditionally, memes ride us. They provide direction and we provide
awareness, time and energy. Meme-riders ride memes. The memes supply
the raw
force, the time, the awareness and energy. The meme-riders supply the
Can memes takes us anywhere that is worth going? Can they takes us off
farm? How do they die?
(c)2001 MEME-RIDER MEDIA TEAM. All Rights Revoked. Your attention is
reverse-engineered to create a suitable conduit for this incredible
of change to have its most devastating impact. Breathe slowly and
deeply in
order to align with our intent.
(c)2001 MEMESIS ARTS. We Are Inexorable. In Other Words, It's Too Late
Please Make Note of First Contagion. Your Awareness: Indispensable.
Lord Kevin, the Uncanny
Commissionary Bricoleur and Lord to the Keys of Zerohood,
Umpteenth Level Meme-Rider Master and Guardian of the Cracker Fortress
Meme-Rider Media Team

Saturday, January 20

Extropy Institute

The Extropy Institute is an organization that the MILE Foundation is becoming more and more akin to. Their are many links within the two organizations and people sharing ideas, but their attitudes about transhumanity and extropy (the amount of order in a system differ greatly than those of say cyberpunks, steampunks and cryopunks).

World Transhumanist Association

The World Transhumanist Association has links to many of the governmental, corporate and independent cryonic research vessels; as well as several other autonomous projects where a broader range of transhumanist practice is presented with cryonics as a portion of their agenda for the future.

Wednesday, January 17

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

Tuesday, January 16

Oulipo: Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle

The Oulipo is a commission of the original College of 'Pataphysics; the Oucryopo was a sub-commission of the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, co-sponsored by secret ballet from Lord Kevin, the Uncanny for the Oulipo and the College of 'Pataphysics. Epoh Gnirb was actually set to illustrate a treatise for the Oulipo's internal publications, before her untimely death.

Sunday, January 14

The London Institute of 'Pataphysics

I know for a fact that Meme-Riders Nathan Shafer and Joelle Howald are or were members of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics.

Sunday, January 7

Le College de 'Pataphysique

The College of 'Pataphysics works using a series of commissions. My scoutmaster says this group, the College of 'Pataphysics is really the organization responsible for the tendency of artists in the late 20th and early 21st centuries to work in collaborative collectives, or hide behind historical models of collectivity. But, when looking at the original model of the college, all collaborative work was done as research engines, such as the Oulipo, which was a commission of the college to publish a book by Queneau that was proving problematic because of its self-imposed literary constraints. But he said scouting organizations, especially those in the private sector, that is age based or religious based memetic engines, like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4H worked more like art movements, where someone makes all the decisions and then figures out clever ways of making kids feel like they acieved something special (awards) for learning a subject the way that leader's think it should be read to perpetuate their meme-sets, into meta-meme-sets.