Thursday, April 20

The Snowflake Program

The MILE Foundation has an internal program called the Snowflake Program. The idea for the program was designed by Nathan Shafer, based in the movie Demolition Man. The basic program is simple, as cryopatients are suspended information is downloaded into thier vitrified brains, seeing as how vitrified brains aren't frozen, and the cells are just dramatically slowed down until they are virtually immobile. The exact information that is downloaded is dependent on what the cryopatients want. But the cost is staggering and no one is sure what any after effects of this program may be.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Nathan Shafer said...

Okay, I did have the idea for the program, but it was a joke about the way memes are spread from person to person. I said it would be funny to have a computer program that could automatically send memes into a human brain that could not go anywhere. It's the idea of making a cryopatient the victim of what would be the same memetic load of say getting a college degree while they were in cryonic suspension that i thought was funny. That and in Demolition Man Sly learns to knit. It seems like a good idea, right?

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Nathan Shafer said...

Okay, Willard, I just had a great idea, the name of a device that would house a vitrified brain in a state of cryonic suspension could be called a 'Think Tank'.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Willard the Cryopunk said...

That would kick ass.

Cryopunks United.


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