Wednesday, March 29

Memetic Lexicon

This is a lexicon of terminology used in memetic theories,
the Meme-Rider Media Team uses many of these strategies to
create their projects, sometimes they are works of art, sometimes
they are works of culture, or kulturwerks.

Thursday, March 2

Mission Statement for Pata-Memetic Scouting

The following is the mission statement for 'pata-memetic scouting' according to its originators at the Meme-Rider Media Team World Headquarters:

Pata-Memetic Scouting is a contraction of several notions, one is a 'pataphysical meta-meme. A meta-meme is a meme about memes. A pata-meme, then using the definition of 'pataphysics, which is the science of imaginary solutions extending as far beyond metaphysics as metaphysics extends beyond physics; extends as far beyond meta-memes as meta-memes extend beyond memes. And scouting is a memetic strategy using merit based or otherwise award driven social/ political/ semiotic/ cultural/ artistic indoctrination. Scouting is a way of making others use memes according to the well-established norms and mores a 'scoutmaster' would hold true.

Alternating and non-hierarchical positions for pata-memetic scouts:

*Patrol Leader
*Defensive End
*Other, etc

and optionally for those under the age of 8

*Water Bear
*Sea Monkey
*Other, etc.

Pata-memetic scouts form autonomous scouting outfits that can be:

*Sleeper Cells
*Think Tanks
*Media Societies
*Adventure Squads
*Defense Leagues
*Other, etc.