Tuesday, September 3

Who the hell is Lord Kevin, the Uncanny?

The Meme-Rider Media Team is first and foremost a loose collection of artists, writers and thinkers, who collectively describe themselves as autonomous meme-riders, or "those who take the power back from memes and ride culture the way Fremen ride sand worms," as Lord Kevin, the Uncanny recently said in an interview I had with him over the phone.

He is currently living in London, working on a project about the ancient abbies and monasteries of the Upper Rabelasian Period.

He was a member of the Situationist International, but under an auspice different than the one he uses now. Since going under the monicker of Lord Kevin, the Uncanny, his photo has not been released. what I can say for sure though, is that his English is spoken with a Norwegian-type accent. His voice is very soft and gentle, even when speaking of horror and atrocities. He sounds old, as would be fitting seeing as how he is a glorified elder of the Meme Team, though he has never directly participated in any of their antics.

He has designed a Limbo Mobile, which the DIY Cryopunk League is currently building in the Parisian Sprawl.

Asking my friends things about Lord Kevin, the Uncanny, all I got was crazy stories about a man who breeds chimpanzees for the the white-collar zoo trade, then infultrates the zoo and chimp-naps them, usually setting them free in the city. I asked him about these stories in our phone interview, and he denied the stories, saying they were "posh memes, meant to be virally spread as gossip destroyers on program memes. I would never breed primates!"

Anyways, Lord Kevin, the Uncanny was really fun to talk to, and I look forward to being able to phone interview him again soon, for what I want to be a permanent series of online chats and interviews with Meme-Riders for this blog site.

Willard the Cryopunk