Thursday, April 13

Cold Brains Cool Memory: Flavors from the Cryopunk Gelatoree

Cold Brains Cool Memories
(DIY Cryonics Style Liquid Nitrogen Gelato)


Vanilla Sky
A classic vanilla bean ice cream, inspired by the movie but like out of
a dream!

Chocolate Hazelnut
A real Italian style chocolate hazelnut gelato, malto freezo!

New York Egg Cream
Custard flavor ice cream with a bit of seltzer, a bit of good chocolate syrup and you eat it with a spoon!

Pistachio Cream Cheese
Cream cheese and pistachio ice creams with pistachio meats, the
perfect combo of nutmeats and cheese, a must!

Steampunk Root Beer Fountain Cult Classic
A soda jerk/steampunk classic root beer ice cream with vanilla
marshmallow swirl, tossed into an infinity of pleasure, served in either sundae or float form!

Irineo’s Green Tea Mango
Irineo’s famous green tea and mango flavored ice cream with real flecks of mango, serving in a cup or in a cone!

Zombie Outbreak Oatmeal Mania
The zombie powered vanilla ice cream with bits of anarchist oatmeal delight cookies, suspended in the very middle!

‘Pataphysical Protoplasm Praline
Using the powers of protoplasm, we take a vanilla bean ice cream and suspend living water bears inside, imitating the living parts of the cell, served with whipped cream and a cherry!

Cyberpunk Spumoni
Fruit and nut ice cream with cherries and cashews, the hybrid ice
cream from the future with all the flavors of the Sprawl!

Agutuk (Alaskan Ice Cream)
Shortening ice cream with blackberries, served with smoked salmon,
if you haven’t tried it your life isn’t worth living!

New York Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese
Vanilla ice cream with apple pie crumbles, served with shredded
cheddar cheese, a New York classic!

Jim Bob’s Jalapeño Strawberry
Jim Bob has done it again with the fiery burn and soothing pleasure of strawberry ice cream infused with jalapeños!

Cryopunk Sundae
Almond ice cream with suspended pieces of marzipan, butterscotch swirl, served with hot fudge and sprinkles, it’s waiting for you!

Kaladi Red Goat (Alaskan Coffee Ice Cream)
Inspired by the artist’s life and loves in Anchorage! Alaska’s best
roaster, Kaladi makes the best coffee ice cream you have ever
even thought of, kicks frozen ass!

The Big Space Fuck (Spaghetti Ice)
Our immortal specialty, inspired by the artist’s youth in Europe and
named after the short story about cryonics by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., it is
all of our awesome flavors pushed through a ricer, creating spaghetti ice cream, served with whipped cream and a cherry!


At 2:32 PM, Blogger caldonia said...

all of these have fuck, somewhere in their flavors...this might have something to do with the chef.
it was so nice to read about kaolin again.

At 4:13 AM, Blogger Nathan Shafer said...

My assistants typed that up, I guess. Fuck was only supposed to be the very last flavor, "The Big Space Fuck", after that short story by Vonnegut about how the world gets so cynical that they turn their space program into a program called the Big Space Fuck and they fill the cone of a rocket with freeze dried semen to get launched into a chrono-synchlastic infandibulator, so it would spread all over the universe. "Fuck," he said, "over there."


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