Friday, November 18

E-Mail from F. Austin Love concerning an online interview with fantasy author, Piers Anthony, part of an ongoing series in a meme-scout troop

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Hello Mr. Anthony,
My name is Frederick Austin Love. I live in Knoxville, TN. My family is down in Tampa, FL visiting my Aunt Dee Dee for X-Mass. She goes to USF. She also works at CVS. She is married to a cool guy named Raymond I just met. He has a tatoo of a Tanooki Mario and has his eyebrow pierced, but he is still totally nice and likes playing football with me outside. Sorry I have to say that my Aunt Dee Dee sent me A Spell For Chameleon last X-Mass and I read it all. I like your books a lot! I have read them all up to Ogre, Ogre. It is pretty good so far. I skipped ahead and read Isle of View. Jenny is awesome! I want to be a writer too. I was reading Ogre, Ogre as my family drove to Tampa from Knoxville. Then it hit me that Florida is Xanth! My trip was much better then! It was a long drive! Any ways, my Aunt Dee Dee and me were imagining puns and we came up with a good one, she said you sometimes let people give you puns and then you put them in your Xanth books, so we figured, here is a good chance we could impress you with one! Hopefully you like it, here it is...
An Object of Dee's Ire
My Aunt helped me with it, she said you would think it is funny. It sounds cool.
But I can't imagine how to use it in a story. My Dad helped me with an email address and I can send emails to my friends at school and my Pappy who lives in Chatanooga, TN. Any ways, thanks for writing cool books and making my riding from Knoxville to Tampa better. I bet I can read them all, because I am learning to read super fast, like my Aunt Dee Dee does. But then I would run out of your books and I don't know what I would do then! Thanks for letting fans write you emails, you are the first famous person I wrote an email to.
Happy Holidays,
Frederick Love

hipiers wrote:
At 05:13 PM 12/19/2005 -0800, you wrote:
Thanks for your note. We have printed it for Piers Anthony. He
appreciates hearing from you.

Piers Anthony asked us to add:

The demons of Xanth typically have names prefaced by D. So one is D.
Sire, a sexy female demon. Someone might want to look her up, as men can
be stupid about that sort of thing, only she's not D. Sire, but an angry
anonymous demon. So he becomes an object of D's ire. I'll make a note.

Piers Anthony

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Hello Mr. Anthony,
Thanks for sending me a message!
I have a question about your books. My Aunt Dee Dee and me ate rice crispies this morning and we tried to write down what the rice crispies said when we added the milk and we put our ears near them. We thought it would be cool if we could perform magic spells like the demons by listening to the rice crispies. When you wrote back to me earlier, you had talked about demons, so Aunt Dee Dee and me went and bought Demons Don't Dream, which I am going to read when we drive home to Knoxville, TN. Maybe the dreams of demons or something can be heard in the rice crispies, or the demons use the rice crispies to do stuff. Listening to rice crispies seems magical too. Aunt Dee Dee says that sometimes evil crazy people say that they hurt people because a voice told them to do it, maybe a voice from the rice crispies can tell a demon to do something?
Thanks for reading again!
Frederick Love

hipiers wrote:
At 08:40 AM 12/31/2005 -0800, you wrote:



Thank you for your note. We have printed it for Piers Anthony, and he
gave us the following answer for you:

I suspect that demons don't listen to rice crispies. But demons might
speak to people that way. Demons could tell people to do awful things,
and the people might do them, not knowing that the demons are just trying
to make trouble.

Piers Anthony

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