Tuesday, May 23

The Riverrun Series: The First Line of Cryonic Suspension Devices from the MILE Foundation

The Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation has announced its first 'new' line of cryonic suspension devices under the auspices of 2007 Riverrun Model Series Line.

They will be:

Apeiron (a luxury line full body suspension device)

Yeti (a standard line full body suspension device)

Soporia (a luxury line neurosuspension/vitrification device)

Muskeg (a standard line neurosuspension/vitrification device)

Pococurante (a luxury line cell/gamete preservation device)

Siesta (a standard line cell/gamete preservation device)

There have been no images yet from the Riverrun Project within the MILE Foundation, but they are going to be priced to sell cryonic suspension devices. Riverrun is of course the first word from James Joyce's enigmatic novel "Finnegan's Wake".

The Riverrun Project has been a secret project within the MILE Foundation without much information available to be shared by those who have left the foundation within the last few years. Various members of the Meme-Rider Media Team have talked privately about helping to design some of the products, but suggested that the works were going to be available as artworks and not lines of cryonic multiples available for mass consumption.

The devices will be traditionally designed cryonic dewers, with fiberglass bodies designed at the MILE Foundation Riverrun Laboratories in Portland, Oregon.

The line was announced Tuesday the 23rd of May via the internet by Bert Colbert of the MILE Foundation during an online interview with Maxim journalist Aeshied Jamouque for an issue about retro-future trends, fads and fashions. Look for that issue of Maxim late next year.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation said...

The new line of Riverrun cryonics will be launched for the 2008-2009 season. To correct a description, the Yeti is a family sized cryonic device. That is, it will be a cryonic suspension device that will be able to host four full body suspensions and eight head or neural suspensions. There are going to be several other models on the Riverrun line that will be various combinations of all the different dewers, but for the most part will have a slick look and an almost retro-futuristic nostalgia. There will be an entire range of options with these devices including wood panels for that old fashioned 'woodie' feel, hot and cool graphics, tinted glass and/or snow domes. Several of our top designers, including a few of the Meme-Riders are producing 'soup-ing' structures to help 'soup up' the look of the dewers. The Meme-Team New Jersey is working in New Brunswick at Life Extension or the L.E. Suite, made famous by Cameron Crowe's movie Vanilla Sky (it was the company Tom Cruise's character was frozen at). Images of many of these products will be available for viewing by the general public in summer of 2007.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger The Cryopunk Soda Jerk Union of Workers Rights said...

Anyone up for some extra-cellular-credit? Contact Dr. Masaru Emoto to ask him about messages in CryoWater Crystalls. Watch/Wash your glasses peers!

"It may seem fantastic, but the fact that in aqueous solution, [the] water component can be slowly supercooled to the glassy state and warmed back without the crystallization implies that, in principle, if the suitable cryoprotectant is created, cells in plants and living matter could withstand a large supercooling and survive," Bogdan explained. In present cryopreservation, the cells being preserved are often damaged due to freezing of water either on cooling or subsequent warming to room temperature.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Meme-Rider Media Team said...

The Riverrun Series is on delay now for several reasons, the paper work is not completed for the life extension, and suspender animation lawsuits have been piling up. The new series of Tardigrade Follies however is running smoothly. That is nano-suspender chambers for water bears, more like a flea circuis than a cryonics lab, but still cryopunkish...


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