Saturday, May 31

Nathan Shafer's "Oucryopo: A Workshop for Potential Cryonics"

In May of 2003, Nathan Shafer displayed some two hundred of his designs from his two years as artist-in-residence at the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, these are a few of the images from the show.

Wednesday, May 21

Memo from Lady Rebecca, the Intangible



Lord Kevin the Uncanny has commissioned the new Meme-Rider Media Team Embassy at Cryotopia, the North Pole, in Biosphere Eight.

It was set in the former Abominable Snow Monster Embassy, seeing as how the Abominable Snow Monsters no longer wish to do business there, and have moved into the uncharted territories around the North Pole. It is a sub-sub-embassy, so all those who wish to visit our new offices must arrive at the shrinking booth prior to visit at Biosphere Eight. We will keep ten homunculi on staff there indefinitely.

This new embassy will function as the liaison, for the Meme-Riders with most all of the registered forms of artificial or semi-artificial life in Cryotopia’s infamous « Sub-Sub- Embassy Row ».

Congratulations to the Meme-Scouts Clarkson, Emerity and Dobbes for engineering the reconstruction effort of the embassy building. Maven Awards are to be given for their outstanding work and their induction ceremonies to be held next season. Be sure to give them warm congratulations and welcome them into the Meme-Riders.

Memetically yours,

Lady Rebecca the Intangible