Saturday, May 31

Nathan Shafer's "Oucryopo: A Workshop for Potential Cryonics"

In May of 2003, Nathan Shafer displayed some two hundred of his designs from his two years as artist-in-residence at the Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation, these are a few of the images from the show.


At 6:29 AM, Blogger Nathan Shafer said...

Oucryopo was a break-off group I founded in conjuction with the Oulipo, the workshop for potential literature, who was sponsoring my artist-in-residency at the M.I.L.E. Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska, and later in Eugene, Oregon. I basically just designed as many ideas as I could come up with for different manners and methods and artistic avenues related in some way to cryonic suspension. There are perhaps 500 some-odd designs now, and I have pretty much stopped drawing designs, but the project was so fucking horrific and crazy, that I go back to them from time to time. Of course the M.I.L.E. Foundation never built any of my designs. My favorite was the 'Food Court Snowdome', which I wanted to put into a real live mall, but there is a bit of copyright stuff to go through before I can do the project myself.


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